Stop Scrolling and WATCH.


When you are tired of looking at all of the gobbledygook on your facebook, twitter, instagram and all those endless blogs…Meme gURL is here to filter it for you!

A pop culture clip show hosted by funny lady Sharron Mathews, that highlights the best of the Internet through fast paced segments. Sprinkled with colourful commentary and humour, our host sifts through the garbage and brings out the gold.

From the top ten looks for Gorgeous George over the ages to amazing mom life hacks, Meme gURL is a one-stop shop for the funny, the famous and the ferociously viral.

Fainting brides and grooms, DIY failures, and fashion wins, Meme gURL is an Internet focused show that is a tongue and cheek look at the very best of the net.

Shot in studio along with an up to date Internet platform, Meme gURL provides viewers the ultimate bite size package on everything they WANT to know.

The show is fast paced, relatable, funny with a multi screen and 360 initiative.

Imagine pintrest, buzzfeed, and huffington post were curated and shown to you by the funniest and most pop culture knowledgeable celebrity host and BFF!


2 x 30 min. episodes