The Office Temps is a look into the world of temporary employment. Watch each week as a talented group of improv actors take on different roles to turn the ‘office’ into an unpredictable and unbelievable series of scenarios and staged events for the new group of hired Temps. The catch is…the temps are oblivious to the joke –meaning they must overcome not only first week jitters but also the antics of this bizarre workplace and all its inhabitants. How do they react? How far can someone be pushed? Hidden cameras tapped phones and scripted storylines all come together to create an ‘Orwellian ‘environment where viewers of the show are flies on the wall. The gags and absurdity escalate day-to-day, and the Temps’ natural desire to ‘fit in’ collides with better judgment…because…’these people are nuts! ‘Each episode concludes with a major reveal in the hidden control room, uncovering what has been engineered and scripted during the Temps’crazy week.

Hilarious and addictive, The Office Temps offers ever-changing workplaces and characters that ensure a high weekly tune-in to ‘see what could possibly unfold next’. A grand and elaborate setup in each episode creates the most believable circumstances and storylines for the most impossible of work environments.

10 x 60min. episodes