Inside the Box is the daily TV game show for TV addicts! The pressure filled half hours will play on the ‘tip of the tongue’ factor as three contestants compete in a race against the clock to identify very familiar subjects from TV culture past and present.

The clock starts to countdown from 2 minutes and contestants fire close-ended questions at each other to lead them to the identity of the hidden subject: like a game of 20 questions gone mad.

Players inside the Box must choose what to ask from a provided list of 60 questions. Yes responses are highlighted in a ‘case file’ graphic for players and viewers to study.

Time is Money as players bank time not used from their 2 minute allotment. The most saved over 2 rounds earns the winner a chance to play for up to $10,000 against the Host.

In the ‘winners round’ the $10,000 cash prize depletes as the clock counts down.

Those with Google-like command of their Pop Culture brain walk away with thousands in cash!

130 x 30 min. episodes