Hooked Up takes 20 hot singles on a journey to find their perfect mate. Viewers witness the rocky road of love and betrayal in this unscripted and unpredictable wild series as singles set a course for true love.

Twenty singles set off on a multi-week adventure, in the Rocky Mountains. The charismatic men and women finally meet with the hope of making that “special” connection. They are, however, faced with the prospect that anything goes in the game of love. Hooked Up introduces the group to an adventure of a lifetime that will force the singles to make gut-wrenching decisions. In each episode, cuts must be made, forcing the singles to eliminate their peers. From speed dating to intimate evenings alone in back country lodges, the relationships become more complicated as the singles start to make strong emotional connections.

Wild, adventure-filled days and romantic nights are the ingredients for great one-on-one time that allows cast members to experience love, lust, desire and heartbreak. In the end, 2 people Hook Up.

6 x 60 min episodes