Get a Grip on Golf is a show designed to explore and dedicate itself as a key point of reference for the game that has become a life’s passion for millions of people around the world. What distinguishes Get a Grip on Golf from other television series in its field, is its irreverent, wry and objective point of view that continually ventures past the obvious and focuses with a unique approach to deconstructing the sport.

Get a Grip on Golf is a bottom up approach that never takes itself too seriously; it is not preachy, and certainly is not a panacea to a scratch handicap!

It’s a show with a real people approach to learning and understanding the on and off course aspects of the sport in a manner that pokes fun at this truly unique form of entertainment and adds a high degree of levity into the intoxicating upswing it has attained all over the world.

The Series carves a niche of its own golf humour and strikes a genuine approach to all levels of player – not by being exclusive to the golf fanatic but by being inclusive to all levels of player. A fast-paced, visually stimulating magazine format will position a number of editorial segments underlining the great quest for knowledge in the game. The Series does not focus only on the tee to green aspects, but on understanding the many aspects that position it as the great mind game, and how it becomes a lifelong journey for many.

In the end, the Series takes a starch out of the collar, and tools-up the viewer to understand golf in a way that is a little less nerve-racking and a lot more accommodating.

Get a Grip on Golf allows every level of golfer to have more fun!

13 x 30 min episodes