Carlawood is a documentary series with a twist. Think “Curb Your Enthusiasm” meets “My Life on the D-List”. This half-hour series follows hilarious Canadian personality Carla Collins as she chases the Hollywood dream. We go inside the auditions, comedy gigs, celebrity-filled parties, and L.A. trends, on Carla’s quest for a fabulous Hollywood career.

She’s got a new fiancé, a new green card, and a brand new agent. Now Carla’s ready to do everything and anything to get noticed. She’s got the talent, she’s got the chutzpah, and she’s got the plan. It’s all about knocking on the right doors, kicking ass, and taking lunch.

She’s got one last shot at making the big time, ’cause in LA there are no second chances.

CARLA COLLINS is an award-winning comedian, actress and television host. Hailed as “The Queen of Comedy in Canada”, she now resides in LA

16 x 30 min. episodes