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Money, headlines and enemies; Harold Ballard made them all. For two decades, Ballard’s exploits put him on the front page of every Canadian newspaper He led the Toronto Maple Leafs according to his own whims, drawing the ire of sports fans and non-sports fans alike, until his death in 1990.  Ballard didn’t seem to care whether the team won or lost as long as the cash register was ringing. During his wild tenure he was convicted of fraud, and continued to manage the team while he served his sentence at Millhaven prison in Ontario.

Lone Eagle brings together an incredible creative Canadian team, helmed by Director Jason Priestley (Barenaked in America, Cas & Dylan, Private Eyes) and Executive Producer, A-list comedy writer Chuck Tatham (Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family) who join Lone Eagle Executive Producer, Michael Geddes, in telling the story of an incredible and chaotic Canadian who was in many ways well ahead of his time.

The never-before-told TV documentary of Harold Ballard: Power Player will be scheduled for broadcast on CBC in 2022. The documentary is produced with the participation of the Rogers Documentary Fund.